Contact Lenses

Contact Lenses services offered in Buena Park, CA

What are contact lenses?

Contact lenses, available at Eye Tech Optometric Center, are lenses you wear in your eyes to correct your vision. They help you see clearly at any distance without wearing glasses. The Eye Tech Optometric Center team offers:

  • Soft contacts
  • Rigid gas permeable (RGP) contacts
  • Scleral lenses
  • Multifocal
  • Specialty lenses for keratoconus 
  • Orthokeratology lenses
  • Post-corneal surgery and transplant lenses
  • High astigmatism/toric lens

If you undergo surgery to replace a natural lens in your eye, you might need specialty contact lenses after your surgery.

Children sometimes wear orthokeratology lenses while they sleep to slow the progression of myopia or nearsightedness.

The right contact lens choice for you depends on the type of vision problem you have and your preferences.

What are the benefits of contact lenses?

The main benefits of choosing contact lenses at Eye Tech Optometric Center include clear vision, maximum comfort, and superior eye health. Some types of contact lenses can reduce the risk of worsening vision problems.

Are contact lenses right for me?

If you need vision correction but want to avoid eyeglasses, you’re likely a candidate for contact lenses. To find out for sure, your provider reviews your medical and eye health history, evaluates your vision using specialized testing, and completes a comprehensive eye exam, along with retinal imaging when necessary.

The most common vision correction options include contact lenses, eyeglasses, and laser correction surgery.

What should I expect when getting fitted for contact lenses?

Your Eye Tech Optometric Center specialist uses the results from your eye exam to choose contact lenses that comfortably rest on your eyes. You often leave with your new contact lenses the same day, but custom lenses are available, too.

Your provider ensures they fit properly and comfortably and tests your vision while wearing the contacts. 

Wear your contacts as instructed by your optometrist. Take the contacts out of your eyes when you sleep unless otherwise directed. Keep the lenses clean between uses and replace your contacts when your optometrist suggests.

How often do I need vision testing?

Your Eye Tech Optometric Center provider lets you know when to schedule vision testing to determine what contact lenses you need or a prescription change. For a contacts prescription, you usually go once a year for an exam to keep it current. Schedule an appointment at Eye Tech Optometric Center any time you have questions about your eye health or develop new or worsening vision changes.

To find out if contact lenses are right for you or to get fitted for them, call the Eye Tech Optometric Center office or use the online booking tool today.